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Sonis® Comms Headband Communication Headset with Bluetooth® Technology

Sell multiple: Piece
  • DMC® Technology
  • 100% Autonomous Network
  • Passive Protection
  • Voice Recognition
  • Effortless Maintenance

Product Description


Sonis® Comms is a powerful communication tool, providing group intercom and active hearing protection for safe teamwork in high-noise environments. Embedded DMC® (Dynamic Mesh Communication) technology creates an autonomous private network for seamless team communication.

The headsets are user-friendly and intuitive to operate via ergonomic buttons on the earcups, hands-free technology, the desktop configuration tool, and JSP Comms mobile app. Sonis® Comms combines comfort and design features established in the development of the Sonis® range with cutting-edge wireless technology to deliver the ultimate protection and unlimited connectivity.


Sonis® Comms embedded team communication creates an autonomous, private network, enabling up to 15 team members stay connected across large sites with no WIFI or mobile internet.

  • DMC® TECHNOLOGY - Sonis® Comms uses DMC® (Dynamic Mesh Communication) technology powered by Cardo to establish a wireless mesh intercom system. The dynamic and self-healing network enables teams to move around freely, and allows team members to leave and re-join the network without interrupting the group connection.

  • 100% AUTONOMOUS NETWORK - Autonomous intercom system enables effective team communication in remote locations with no internet or mobile phone coverage.

  • FULL DUPLEX COMMUNICATION - Full duplex system allows all users to speak without waiting for transmissions to end, making sure no messages are lost or cut off.

  • STRENGTH IN NUMBERS - Each Sonis® Comms headset emits a signal, acting as a mini base station, to strengthen group connection with every member added.

  • MEDIUM-RANGE CONNECTIVITY -Teams can communicate at a range of up to 3km. Users can travel up to 800m from another headset and maintain connection.

  • OUT OF RANGE NOTIFICATION - Sonis® Comms notifies the user when connection to the group network is lost and reconnects automatically once back in range.

  • EMERGENCY ALERTS - Emergency alerts enable users to contact teammates for assistance hands-free from Sonis® Comms headsets.

  • MULTI-CHANNEL COMMS - Groups can use separate channels, enabling multiple teams to work and communicate independently in the same location.

  • SELF HEARING - Audio feedback allows the user to hear their own speech over background noise, for confidence in voice communications.

  • CELLULAR EXTENSION - With the cellular extension feature, two remote groups can connect to a shared network, creating an intercom system for up to 30 users.


    Sonis® Comms delivers high-performance hearing protection and cutting-edge communication technology. Packed with features and connectivity, the headsets run with low power consumption to optimise battery life for over 9 hours use on a single charge.

  • LEVEL-DEPENDENT - Level-dependent attenuation amplifies safe sounds, such as speech and warning signals, and attenuates high noise to produce a sound output level of 82 dB at the ear.

  • PASSIVE PROTECTION - Sonis® Comms headsets provide passive attenuation to an SNR level of 34 dB (Headband) / 30 dB (Mounted) for protection against harmful noise.

  • TWO-WAY RADIO - Radio connectivity and built-in PTT button allow seamless integration with PMR systems. Two-way radio sharing transmits radio communications to an intercom group.

  • LOW POWER CONSUMPTION - Sonis® Comms operates with low power consumption for long battery life, offering over 9 hours continuous use with all features enabled.

  • VOICE RECOGNITION - The boom microphone detects and isolates speech for clear, handsfree communication. To mute, simply move the mic to the upright position.

  • ‘HEY SONIS’ - Voice activation engine allows the user to control the headset by saying ‘Hey Sonis’ followed by an instruction for easy hands-free operation.


    Designed for extreme comfort and intuitive operation, Sonis® Comms headsets are reversible with adjustable earcups and large, ergonomic buttons. Voice-recognition directional boom microphone enables hands-free communication on the job.

  • COMPATIBILITY - Sonis® Comms Mounted are tested and certified for use with EVO® helmets, and fully compatible with EVOGuard® visor systems for complete above-the-neck protection.

  • ADJUSTABLE FIT - The earcups can be pivoted and adjusted to obtain the perfect fit. Stainless steel arms provide even distribution of pressure for a secure fit and high levels of protection.

  • BOOM MICROPHONE - Boom microphone is lightweight with voice-recognition software. To mute, simply move the mic to the upright position.

  • COMFORT - The force exerted by the headband and pivot arms works together with the cushion surface area, providing the optimum pressure for comfort throughout extended use.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Headsets are reversible with large ergonomic buttons. Wear in either orientation for easy left- or right-handed operation, overcoming problems with limited dexterity.

  • HYGIENE - Earcups, cushions, headband and adaptors are easy to wipe clean. Hygiene kits enable users to replace cushions and foam inserts using a simple click to fit system.


    When switched on, Sonis® Comms automatically establishes an autonomous network connection. The JSP Configuration Tool makes it simple to set up a whole site in moments. Devices are easy to charge and keep clean, with a range of spares available to maintain the modular system.

  • LANGUAGE OPTIONS - Select language for system menus and ‘Hey Sonis’ voice activation engine features from a wide range of built-in options.

  • DEVICE SETTINGS - Control microphone sensitivity and audio playback settings for Sonis® Comms headsets with the JSP Configuration Tool desktop app.

  • GROUP MANAGER - Use the desktop app to manage groups, creating intercom networks that connect automatically when devices are switched on.

  • EMERGENCY CALL SETTINGS - Input the relevant emergency telephone number in the desktop app to enable quick emergency dialling from Sonis® Comms headsets.

  • SIMPLE CHARGING - Sonis® Comms Lithium-Ion battery is easy to charge from PC or mains using the USB-C cable provided. Fast charging for full battery in 3h from flat.

  • EFFORTLESS MAINTENANCE - Sonis® Comms headsets are effortless to maintain with modular design and a wide range of user-replaceable spares.


    Sonis® Comms with Bluetooth® wireless technology integrates calls and audio playback from a mobile device. Connect the headset to a smartphone for seamless mobile communication and entertainment audio features.

  • ENTERTAINMENT AUDIO - Entertainment features for music streaming and other audio playback. Sound output is limited to a safe level within the headset to prevent hearing damage.

  • EMERGENCY CALLING - Speed-dial emergency calling ensures help is always on hand. Enter the relevant emergency number in settings to enable direct dialling from Bluetooth® enabled Sonis® Comms headsets.

  • Download the Software


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